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Every child has a right to education… this includes children with disabilities!


The values and principles of inclusive education underpin our work in helping children with disabilities and their parents access this right. Children with disabilities should as far as possible, receive the support they need to learn and progress in their local ECD centre and ordinary school together with other children from their neighbourhood. We believe that building an inclusive education system, will ultimately help build an inclusive society.


We promote access to education through: lobbying and advocating; walking a journey with parents, empowering them with knowledge of their children’s right to education whilst supporting them in their efforts to access this right;  collaborating with key stakeholders as we strive to make this right a reality for as many children with disabilities as possible.


For some children who have exceptionally high support needs (especially those living in rural areas), access to mainstream or even special schools, is just not feasible. These children must not be denied their right to education! WCAPD’s 9 rural special day care centres provide education opportunities for these children.

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