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Day Care

Early stimulation and development activities and the opportunity to play with and form friendships with peers are vital for ALL children in order for them to flourish and grow. For children with severe and profound disabilities these opportunities are often very limited. In such instances, children can attend our special care centres where our trained and committed staff facilitate daily stimulation and learning programmes tailored to children’s development needs.

Special care centres may be found at Branches in


Adult day care

Children do not stay children forever and many of our clients who attend our special care centres as children, still require daily assistance and support for their self-care and other activities as adults.

Our adult day care centres offer a welcome and much needed relief service to the parents and/or family members who often fulfil the role of carer to these clients.  Besides the care and assistance provided and respite care for families, the adult day care centres also provide a daily stimulation programme and opportunity for socialization.

Unfortunately this service is not readily available at many of our APD branches yet, but limited to


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