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  • Approximately 15% of the population reports some kind of disability.
  • 82% of persons with disabilities live below the poverty line.
  • 98% of children with disabilities do not attend school.
  • The prevalence rates of foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) in localised communities in the South Africa are higher than those reported anywhere else in the world.
  • FAS is 100% preventable and 100% irreversible.
  • The leading cause of disability in the Western Cape is lifestyle diseases, specifically diabetes leading to amputation and hypertension leading to stroke.
  • 1 in 4 teens in SA has attempted suicide
  • 300/400 people a year between 15 & 29 sustain a SCI
  • 40 people have a stroke per day
  • 1,4 million people visually impaired
  • one in three South Africans 15 years+, are believed to have high blood pressure
  • People experiencing hearing loss increase from 1% in the 21-30 age group to 5% in the 31-40 age group, and again to 10% in the 41-50 age group.
  • 79.4% of the population with disabilities live in households where the average annual per capita income is below R10,000 and where the maximum educational level is below Grade 12.
  • Due to a lack of awareness and information, stigmatisation remains a problem for many persons with disabilities, especially those with psychiatric disabilities.


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