Get Involved


A large portion of our work is raising awareness of disability and working towards creating a society that recognises persons with disabilities as equal citizens.  Our awareness projects are aimed at educating the public on all aspects of disability. Persons with disabilities themselves are trained in public speaking and are encouraged to share their story in an effort to combat incorrect perceptions.

Please contact us on (021) 555-2881 or e-mail now if you have a friend or family member who needs support.


We would love for you to take hands with us by:

  • Inviting us to give a talk in your community;
  • Helping with graphic design and printing;
  • Allowing us to sensitise your family, neighbours, colleagues, book club or church congregation on how to interact with persons with disabilities; or
  • Funding a project aimed at preventing disability.


With your help we can change the world for one person!

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