How Witzenberg APD Gained from Extensive and Special Governance Support

We are thrilled to share a success story that highlights the transformative journey of Witzenberg Association for Persons with Disabilities (APD), especially during the past year under the dedicated leadership of Mr. Isaac Jacobs. As the newly elected Chairperson of the Board in March 2022, Mr. Jacobs faced significant challenges upon discovering that the branch was on Extensive and Special Governance Support (EGS).

With limited knowledge about the functioning of an NGO, Mr. Jacobs quickly recognized the need for training and sought assistance from Western Cape APD (WCAPD). The training provided by WCAPD proved to be invaluable, offering insights into the roles and responsibilities of the management team (Mancom members) and shedding light on areas that required attention and improvement.

One of the significant challenges was the branch’s inability to manage its finances effectively. The financial and administrative support provided by WCAPD, particularly through the guidance of Social Work Regional Manager Mrs. Kock and Finance Clerk Mrs. Farmer, played a crucial role in addressing these challenges. Their visits and detailed explanations of administrative requirements helped streamline the workflow, empowering the Witzenberg APD to work more independently.

Mr. Jacobs emphasized the prompt and unwavering assistance provided by WCAPD, a stark contrast to the delays often experienced with other organizations. He expressed gratitude for the approach WCAPD took, insisting on proof for every administrative process to ensure compliance. This meticulous attention to detail, combined with a supportive attitude, fostered a positive working relationship.

The branch successfully appointed new staff with guidance from Mrs. Kock, marking a significant milestone in their progress. As a result of these efforts, Witzenberg APD is now poised to conclude Extensive and Special Governance Support, gaining full functioning rights on all operations. While the branch will operate independently, there is reassurance knowing that WCAPD will continue to provide support, ensuring a seamless transition and ongoing guidance.

In his reflection, Mr. Jacobs expressed deep appreciation for WCAPD’s enduring relationship and commitment to the growth and development of the branch. The journey undertaken by Witzenberg APD showcases the importance of collaborative support and mentorship in empowering organizations to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

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