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October 2020 : ‘Partners for Life’ is just that


‘Partners for Life’ is just that

‘Partners for Life’ is just that


Poverty takes a terrible toll. And in the Breede Valley area the economic pressures between 2011 and 2015, led to a huge increase in poverty levels and to the detriment of social wellbeing of the Worcester community.


To make a real difference, much more was needed beyond handouts and basic assistance.


Through our well established Partners for Life Parent Support Programme, we were able to do a needs assessment. The result was an overwhelming need for accessible and specialised care services for young adults with profound intellectual disability.


To address this need, and also to prevent home-based caregiver burnout (which can lead on to neglect and abuse), a non-residential Young Adult Day Centre was established in Worcester.


Not only are the basic human rights of this vulnerable group of people being upheld, but they also receive specialised care and the opportunity to develop. And their home caregivers benefit from some time off and even seek employment.


Partners for Life enables a better life for both sides.

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