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October 2020 : UKHULA is ready to grow


UKHULA is ready to grow

‘UKHULA’ is ready to grow


The Ukhula programme was developed in response to our vision of an inclusive society in which persons with disabilities are equal and active citizens.


Ukhula comes as an answer to situations where persons with disabilities are too often deprived of, or given limited opportunity for growth, because of inaccessibility, attitudes, stigma and other societal barriers.


A Xhosa word meaning ‘to grow’, Ukhula speaks of change, the action of increasing, to become stronger, to expand and advance. Ukhula plants a seed that can germinate, grow and evolve as people discover their hidden talents. In turn, they can impact others around them to learn that they too have a voice and life purpose.


Whether in the community, or in centres such as protective workshops, Ukhula is implemented for adults by social workers and auxilliary workers.


For children with profound intellectual disability, and to be used in the community or in Special Care Centres, the Ukhula Play and Learn Programme has been developed by our two Occupational Therapists.


Our first two-day training workshop in March was hugely successful, and is now ready to roll out to careers and other support staff.


We hope that you’ll be as excited as we are about Ukhula, and add your support to this much needed and ready to use programme.


You’ll be helping to change the lives of marginalised adults and children who are unstimulated at home. And you’ll also provide Special Care Centres with new and exciting ideas to further the children’s development.


With spring in the air, everything in nature is ready to grow. Will you help Ukhula and its beneficiaries to also grow?

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