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October 2020 : How you help us stand up for children with disabilities


Learning from people with disabilities

How you help us stand up for children with disabilities


Every child born has rights. This includes children with disabilities.


But most rights that able bodied children can take for granted are being violated for children with disabilities.


The right to adequate care, support and protection; the right to quality healthcare, rehabilitation, and basic education; and the right to assistive devices are some examples.


Worse still, children with disabilities have a higher chance of being abused than other children. This is particularly so for children with intellectual impairments.


These children are abused more often, for longer periods, and are more likely to remain in an abusive situation. The law also fails them, as the testimony of someone with an intellectual impairment is not recognised.


In some communities, the stigma around disability causes children with a disability to be hidden away. Consequently, without identification, the true statistics are unknown.


So how do your donations help us stand up for children with disabilities?


You allow us to help children with disabilities and their parents access their rights – especially to education – by lobbying, advocacy, empowering parents, and providing opportunities through early learning practitioners, and our WCAPD care centres.


Thank you.

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