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2021: Thank you for helping to fill Jars of Hope

Thank you for helping to fill Jars of Hope

We asked compassionate people to fill a jar with nutritious contents to provide a meal for a disadvantaged family having a member with a disability.


And friends like you did just that!


Thank you for providing that meal, and also for the fact that your kindness meant ‘one less worry’ for the family that benefited. One less worry may not sound like much, but for a family stretched by the daily anxiety of poverty, one less worry means a great deal.


Also, winter tends to make everything worse, so the timing of your generosity makes a very meaningful impact.  A hot nourishing meal is so welcome on a cold and wet day.  And when it comes from someone who cares, there’s an added layer of thankfulness.


The Jars of Hope project will continue for some time. We’ve received a financial donation and have also managed to fill 57 jars.  So if you’d like to fill another one for another family, you can do so now by clicking here – and know-how gratefully it’ll be received.



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