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The incidence of disability has increased to approximately 15% of the population, according to the World Report on Disability released in 2011. In South Africa the highest cause of disability is lifestyle diseases (hypertension and diabetes), while the Western Cape shows alarming statistics for Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, particularly in wine-growing areas, and spinal cord injury. Join us now and help us to make a difference in many more lives!

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#1Less, Walk in My Wheels

The #1Less concept was born out of our operational planning in response to the needs that arose in communities due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the far-reaching effects it has had on our clients and their families. It has also become a theme which ties our services together. #1Less will underline all projects, campaigns and services, creating a permanent concept of striving towards 1Less. Walk in my Wheels This campaign is aimed at business leaders and decision-makers so as to raise awareness of the unique and daily challenges of wheelchair users in the workplace. Participants are given a wheelchair in which they are required to spend 4 consecutive hours going about their daily tasks in the work environment. They therefore move in a prescribed area and carry out designated tasks tailored to their position in the company and workplace environment. This allows them to gain insight into the areas in their workplace that are inaccessible and work towards eliminating those barriers for wheelchair users. Ultimately, we want 1Less person without an assistive device and 1Less unemployed wheelchair user.

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