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February 2021: Making things happen with sign language


Making things happen with sign language


In 2015 Drakenstein APD decided to incorporate sign language in the training of their clients in order to facilitate communication with those who are hearing impaired.


When qualified sign language teacher, Mrs. Verna Kasper, began the lessons, she discovered that people were having difficulty remembering the signs.  So she started to teach by singing songs in sign language.


This was such a success that the Sign Language Choir was born.


The 15 members of the choir all have different disabilities, and some can’t manage the signing because movement of their hands and fingers is hindered.


As a non-governmental organization, APD’s main source of income is through voluntary donations.  So when the choir performs, they do so free of charge but accept donations to cover transport costs.


The choir has already performed at events such as ‘Suidooster Fees’ and Womens’Day at Artscape, Archbishop Tutu’s book launch, CANSA and SAPS Casual Day events, International Day for People with Disabilities in Worcester, as well as concerts and funerals. Bookings can be made through the Drakenstein APD office.


People are very moved when they hear the choir sing, and it’s not unusual to see tears and have gratitude expressed to the choir for showing that there is more to life than just money and success.


If you’d like to support the choir, please click here.

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