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February 2021: Making things happen with food gardens


Making things happen with food gardens


Food parcels are a necessity in a crisis, but long-term they aren’t sustainable and create dependence.


On the other hand, home gardens provide ongoing food security and also empower families.


In the hope that friends like you would support this initiative, we started off with seedling factories (seeds planted in tyres) at our four special care centres in the Breede Valley.  And we were fortunate to have the assistance of Garden Champions.  Their representative, Xennie Baird, was to provide training to our social worker identified families in Touws River, De Doorns and Rawsonville.


As happens, there were initial setbacks with plants succumbing to heat, pests, and animals.  And seeds had to be replanted.


But perseverance pays off, and in January we were rewarded with the first harvest of tomatoes, green peppers and aubergines at the Rise and Shine Special Care Centre.  The produce was handed over to Elize Avenant of Knippie Liefde to be used in the meals for children attending the Care Centre.


Please join us in being more determined than ever to make a success of this fledgling project by clicking here to make your donation.

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