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February 2021 Making things happen in Laingsburg


Making things happen in Laingsburg


Laingsburg, in the semi-arid Great Karoo, is the smallest municipality in the country.  With an economy mainly based on farming of goats, sheep, fruit, and vegetables, it had almost no services for persons with disabilities.


A management committee took the initiative in 2016 to register a branch of the Association for Persons with Disabilities (APD).  The aim of this branch was to establish capacity building services and skills development for this marginalized group.


With two of the management members employed at the Laingsburg municipality, a strong partnership was established, with a strong motivation for funding.


In 2019, funding was awarded for an upholstery project.  Negotiations were also started for office space, specifically with the Lutheran Church Board.  Nine months later, this was approved together with the support of the local Mayor.


Last year, a business plan was submitted to the Department of Social Development (DSD), and approval was granted for a social worker, a social auxiliary worker, and a peer support programme.  By next month, everything should be finalized.


The vision has taken form.  And is another example of the power of partnership. Whilst the management committee did the legwork, support like yours was essential to making things happen in Laingsburg.


With sustainable services now established, the vision of the Laingsburg community is to launch a protective workshop which will give opportunities for job creation for all persons with disabilities.


From a small seed, a mighty oak can now grow, if you will continue to nurture it with your ongoing donations made online by clicking here.

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