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February 2021: How peer supporters make things happen

Lisa Marie’s story


When Peer Supporter, Dorothy Jacobs, met Lisa Marie she was just over 18 months old with visual impairment and unable to walk.


Once her mother had been encouraged to be more positive about Lisa Marie’s future, the little girl attended our Masixole Day Care Centre where she received stimulation and some spectacles.


Progress was so good that our Beaufort West Community Worker began giving Lisa-Marie’s parents information about The Pioneer School.


There were many family and official obstacles to overcome, and they took time, but in 2019 Lisa Marie was enrolled at The Pioneer School.


Since the school is located in Worcester, Lisa Marie’s mother has also been able to find employment in the town, so that she can be close enough to visit her child regularly.


Small differences have added up to make a big difference for Lisa Marie and her family.


Thank you for being part of all the differences.


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