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February 2021: How peer supporters make things happen

Trevor’s story


Peer Supporters are your ‘behind the scenes partners’ in the work of APD.


Thirty-five-year old Trevor met with one of our most passionate Peer Supporters for the second time in 2016.  The first time was as a baby when he’d been taken to Groote Schuur Hospital for tests.


Free from epilepsy until age 15 he experienced another episode whilst living with a cousin in conditions that weren’t safe. He’d gone down all the wrong roads, smoking, drinking, associating with unsavoury friends, getting into debt with loan sharks and missing his clinic appointments.


It took a lot of work to contact Trevor’s mother who admitted that however hard she tried to remove Trevor from that perilous environment, he’d resisted.


But his Peer Supporter didn’t give up, and eventually there was a breakthrough by motivating Trevor and helping him to restore his self-image.  He was reunited with his mother, and freed from his debt trap.


In 2019, Trevor joined the Beaufort West workshop.  A quick learner, he’s now one of our neatest and most disciplined young men.


Extending her heartfelt thanks to APD (and through us to you), Trevor’s mother is more than grateful for his safe harbour.

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