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Wheelchair Wednesday

Did you know?


  • 15% of the population has a disability
  • Less than 1% of SA’s workforce are people with disabilities.
  • Stigmatisation and inaccessibility remain the biggest challenges for integration.


Wheelchair Wednesday challenges business owners, and decision-makers to walk in the shoes (so to speak!) of a wheelchair user.


Wheelchair Wednesday is a creative way in which to focus the attention of businesses on the physical challenges facing wheelchair users in their everyday life, particularly in the workplace.  What better way to understand someone else than to spend time in their shoes (or in this case, wheelchair!)


You will be asked to –

  • spend 4 consecutive hours in a wheelchair, going about your daily tasks;
  • Complete a list of designated tasks
  • Write a brief, structured report on your experience
  • Partner with APD in identifying ways in which to establish greater inclusion for persons with disabilities in your organisation.


This has been an eye-opener in previous projects and has been followed up with sensitisation of the company’s employees and discussions around making their premises more wheelchair friendly.


Is this a challenge you would like to take up?


Contact us directly if you would like to sign your company up for the next Wheelchair Wednesday, now recruiting!

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