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Nappy Run Campaign



“I cant say enough how grateful and happy I am. Thank you to each and everyone who had a hand in me receiving this wonderful blessing. You will never really know how much I do appreciate this diapers.”

– Grateful Mom



Nappy Run 2019 was a tremendous success, with us receiving 180 boxes and 60 packets of nappies, a whopping total of 27 000 nappies!  These are currently being distributed by our Branches to clients in their areas.  In this time of lockdown, when many no longer have employment and family income is minimal to non-existent, these nappies are proving vital in ensuring the dignity of children with disabilities.

Nappy Run logo image


Many children with disabilities use nappies and as we all know, they are extremely costly.  Many people simply cannot afford these costs and so the Nappy Run was born.

The Nappy Run Campaign collects donations of nappies (both for children and adults) for use by parents of children with disabilities in under-resourced areas.  Once children are dry and happy, they are able to go to school, receive an education and start on the road towards an independent life.


Join in your local Nappy Run Fun Run where you’ll be asked to bring along a pack of nappies as an entry fee, wear a nappy in a creative way, and help us raises awareness while having loads of fun!


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for information on our upcoming event, and follow the Nappy Run Facebook page to stay up to date with national events.



Puppet Project

Puppets speak to young and old alike, so using them to educate children on disability was a logical choice. Several Branches offer puppet shows to day care centres and pre-schools on a variety of topics, all including disability.

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