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Holiday Activity Book for Kids


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Dairy-Free Butternut Soup Recipe


Dairy-Free Butternut Soup   Click here to download.

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How can I be an #EverydayHero?


September is an exciting month in disability circles as Casual Day, the largest fundraising campaign for persons with disabilities is held annually on the first Friday in September.  The year’s theme is “Be an Everyday Hero!” But what does that really mean?   It’s natural to see someone with an impairment, and then imagine their …..

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Girls with disabilities. Period.


There are currently many initiatives dominating social media platforms which deal with the challenge facing girls in impoverished communities who remain out of school due to a lack of adequate feminine protection products.  This has long been a need and is something that the authorities should have addressed even before the distribution of free condoms, …..

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“We also want an education!”


At this, the beginning of the school year, news broadcasts on both radio and television are filled with reports of children either going to “big school” for the first time and all the excitement and emotions that go along with such an important step in a child’s life, or the dire situation facing South Africa’s …..

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Barriers to an Inclusive Society : Impairment vs Disability


The concept of disability is widely misunderstood, resulting in the continuation of existing myths and stereotypes on disability in general.  In order to understand the concept of disability, one must first understand the difference between an impairment and a disability.   According to the White Paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (WPRPD) which …..

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Quality of Life & Disability


We are presently in a time of change in South Africa, with an influx of topical issues broadcast on news bulletins, social media and talk shows. One thinks of insufficient schools and crowded classrooms with insufficient space and resources to accommodate the vast numbers of small children requiring an education; the high cost of education, …..

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Dispelling myths around disability


Disability Rights Awareness Month is held annually from 3 November, culminating on 3 December which is designated by the United Nations as the International Day for Disabled Persons. While awareness campaigns abound throughout the year, it is at this time that special attention is given to issues affecting persons with disabilities and their families. One …..

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Women’s Rights : Where are women with disabilities?


In this Women’s month, much focus has been placed on the 60th anniversary of the women’s march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on 9 August 1956.  What a tremendous day it was all those years ago when 20 000 women stood up to the Government, protesting against the proposed pass laws!  Recent country-wide celebrations have …..

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