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Dairy-Free Butternut Soup Recipe


Dairy-Free Butternut Soup   Click here to download.

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How can I help?


by Sally Brownie   Sally was the first woman appointed as General Manager of a hotel in South Africa, but her life in the hotel industry for 22 years was interrupted at the age of 42 when she had a brain aneurysm. She has published 2 books on her experiences : ‘Run While You Can’ …..

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Zainab Slarmie: A Personal Story


By Zainab Slarmie (unedited) It is the month of June in which we traditionally celebrate the youth of South Africa. We received this story from Zainab Slarmie, a young woman with a disability and were touched by her message which is the story of many youth with disabilities in South Africa. – Editor A young …..

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Be road safe!


As I write this blog, the Easter weekend is 3 weeks away and many families are considering spending the weekend away from home.  We know from past years that the holidays around the Easter weekend are notorious for the high incidence of deaths and serious injury on our roads.   Such injuries can lead to …..

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Disability segregation still exists


As I write this piece, South Africans are hotly discussing and debating the incident at the primary school in Schweiser-Reneke, where an allegedly racist school teacher circulated a photograph of her new Grade 1 class on social media.  Unfortunately, the photograph clearly shows white and black children sitting at separate tables.  Before the day was …..

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Women with disabilities and 16 Days Campaign


We have just entered the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign here in South Africa, and disturbing to note is the absence of any mention of women and children with disabilities, both as victims and survivors of abuse which leads to disability. This campaign is held every year for …..

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Barriers to Inclusion


An inclusive society embraces the diversity of all people irrespective or race, gender, disability or any other difference.  It’s about eliminating discrimination, ensuring respect and equal opportunities for all. Placing a value on all people, no matter what.   Despite the efforts of NPOs that work with and for persons with disabilities who work very …..

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How can I be an #EverydayHero?


September is an exciting month in disability circles as Casual Day, the largest fundraising campaign for persons with disabilities is held annually on the first Friday in September.  The year’s theme is “Be an Everyday Hero!” But what does that really mean?   It’s natural to see someone with an impairment, and then imagine their …..

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Girls with disabilities. Period.


There are currently many initiatives dominating social media platforms which deal with the challenge facing girls in impoverished communities who remain out of school due to a lack of adequate feminine protection products.  This has long been a need and is something that the authorities should have addressed even before the distribution of free condoms, …..

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