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Services to Branches

WCAPD supports APD Branches in a continuous process of evaluating, planning and implementing action to solve problems and achieve their goals. In this way, new skills are transferred which contribute to the expansion of knowledge and efficiency of staff on all levels. This improved capacity allows Branches to manage future change with minimum risk.


The WCAPD Operational Manual which includes policies, administrative guidelines and procedures as well as financial systems and procedures, serves as a Code of Governance with a set of values and principles intended to guide and inform the way APD Branches are managed and conduct their affairs. It also serves as a standard and measure of performance to guide Management Committees and those who carry responsibility for governance.

We are constantly involved in establishing new policies and continuously monitoring their implementation in an effort to build a sustainable organisation on both Provincial and Branch level. Our focus of support is primarily on the fiduciary members of these Management Committees, as persons who hold the legal and ethical relationship of trust with the public.

Governance and monitoring remains a joint responsibility of WCAPD and Management Committees of each APD Branch.

Capacity building

Much of our time is spent on developing and building the capacity of the entire organization. We are dedicated to an annual process where all staff, volunteers, Management Committee members and persons with disabilities receiving services from APD Branches are exposed to the development and strengthening of knowledge, skills and other capabilities through technology and training.

Building capacity with individuals equips individuals with the necessary understanding and knowledge that enables them to perform effectively, while organizational development ensures beneficial relationships within the organization and Branches, as well as between the different organizations in the public, private and community sectors.

Human resources

We consider our staff to be an important resource without which we would be unable to achieve our goals. While our staff are dedicated towards the service the organization renders, it is important to us to keep them motivated and evaluate performance, so as to contribute towards the performance and sustainability of the organization.

Strategic planning

A strategy is a long term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal, most often “winning”. –

Internal and external environments change, impacting our organisation and services. For this reason we annual revisit our strategies on all levels of service delivery during planning sessions which involve members of our Management Committee, staff and volunteers. In this way, everybody has an opportunity to contribute to our future path group and is committed to the same organizational dream & vision. Discussions focus on setting measurable goals and priorities for implementation.

Support to Management Committees of Branches is part of this process, to develop the necessary procedures and operations to achieve our vision.

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