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Accessibility of the performing arts


It seems that the idea of accessibility in society for persons with disabilities is finally taking hold as many companies and public spaces approach us for assistance in ensuring that their premises are open to all. The White Paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, approved by Cabinet on 9 December 2015, has the …..

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Barriers to an Inclusive Society : Impairment vs Disability


The concept of disability is widely misunderstood, resulting in the continuation of existing myths and stereotypes on disability in general.  In order to understand the concept of disability, one must first understand the difference between an impairment and a disability.   According to the White Paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (WPRPD) which …..

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Quality of Life & Disability


We are presently in a time of change in South Africa, with an influx of topical issues broadcast on news bulletins, social media and talk shows. One thinks of insufficient schools and crowded classrooms with insufficient space and resources to accommodate the vast numbers of small children requiring an education; the high cost of education, …..

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Action for hearing loss : make a sound investment


This was the theme for World Hearing Day on 3 March, a day set aside by the World Health Organisation to raise awareness of the increasing incidence of hearing impairment.   360 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss, of which 32 million are children. In South Africa the figure stands at 3,29 million people …..

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Dispelling myths around disability


Disability Rights Awareness Month is held annually from 3 November, culminating on 3 December which is designated by the United Nations as the International Day for Disabled Persons. While awareness campaigns abound throughout the year, it is at this time that special attention is given to issues affecting persons with disabilities and their families. One …..

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Disability Rights : A huge step forward!


There has been much talk recently about our rights; women’s rights, religious rights, children’s rights, civil rights, gay rights and more, sparked by events both in South Africa and abroad. A landmark event in South Africa during December has similarly created a wave of excitement and discussion amongst individuals and organisations alike within the disability …..

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Women’s Rights : Where are women with disabilities?


In this Women’s month, much focus has been placed on the 60th anniversary of the women’s march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on 9 August 1956.  What a tremendous day it was all those years ago when 20 000 women stood up to the Government, protesting against the proposed pass laws!  Recent country-wide celebrations have …..

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The right to work – but how do we accommodate persons with disabilities?


The tremendous gap that exists is in the training of human resource professionals around the recruitment and selection of persons with disabilities was highlighted during a recent meeting with a company in the manufacturing sector who wishes to proactively employ persons with disabilities. There is a tendency for such companies to approach us with the …..

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5 Ways to ensure safety of pedestrians with disabilities


It is almost that time of year again… the run up to the Easter holidays, with large amounts of people travelling by road and the accompanying road accident injuries and fatalities. People with disabilities are often forgotten when it comes to road safety as they are sometimes not seen as road users. Well, they are! …..

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Leadership Has a New Face – The Disabled Entrepreneur


Whether you were born disabled or, like me, suffered an accident which deprived you of your bodily function, you have probably had a moment where someone has doubted you. Maybe that person was you, yourself? We all have dreams. Some dreams are bigger than others but, for some reason, when a disability is thrown into …..

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